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PDW Design Inc. is a Calgary, Alberta, Canadian based company. It was established in 2003 by Paul Williams, an architectural technologist who dreamed of owning his own business. His goal? To provide an online drafting service for those who did not have the time, space or resources themselves to accommodate this essential service.

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PDW Design Inc offers a full range of drafting services to provide you the client the advantage of outsourcing. As an alternative to inhouse drafting, we offer our clients a way to expand their resources without expanding their work space.


As-builts: these are drawings of an existing space or building. On-site measurements or original drawings are used to produce these existing spaces in CAD.

Design Concept Drawings

Design drawings: whether they are sketched on a napkin or professionally hand drawn. We transfer your ideas to CAD as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

3D Renderings

3D rendering: these are essential in clearly illustrating your design intent to your client. It gives them a finished picture of what the project should look like once complete.

Construction Drawings

Construction drawings: these are a 100% completed set of drawings that the contractor uses to construct your project. Additional changes can be provided after these drawings have been issued.

Alberta Building Code Review

Alberta Building Code Review: these insure that your design corresponds with the local building code. It also assists the municipal plan examiners when they are reviewing the drawings to determine if the building code has been adhered to.

Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings: these are the main element in producing any kind of building or structure. These provide the base from which other consultants base their criteria from. They usually include the following drawings depending on the project type and size: Site-Plan, Floor Plans, and Roof Plans.

Permit Application Drawings

Permit application drawings: these are development and/or building permit drawings. Development permit drawings are a general set of drawings to show the municipal what your design intent is and the visual impact it may have on the streetscape and/or neighbours.

Tender Drawings

Tender drawings: a nearly completed set of drawings (usually 90% complete), that the contractor of your choice, will send out to multiple sub-contractors to bid on. They are the set of drawings trades use to provide an estimate or cost to build your project.

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Our clients have to say some nice things about us!

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Heather Barnsley
President of LOUD design

Paul has proven to be an exceptional Architectural Technologist; his knowledge of construction and the Alberta Building Code further enhance the drawing packages he provides.
I would highly recommend Paul Williams and PDW Design for anyone who wants to outsource a timely, professional online drafting service.

Caroline Stark

As an owner of a small design business, I have found Paul Williams of PDW Design to be a valuable resource. When our workloads have required us to outsource, Paul is the first person that we call to supplement our production drawing capacity. Paul Williams is always upbeat and motivated and continues to be a pleasure to work with.

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Kirsten Janes
President Acorn Design Inc.

I do not hesitate to recommend him to my colleagues when they too need to supplement their drafting resources. We had “work from home” down pat at least 5 years ago and will continue to use this business model into the future.